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AOB Auditors was formed by just one auditor in 1997. Providing services nationwide, the company has some well defined objectives: to offer a quality service to small and medium-sized companies, shareholders and any other economic operator in the business world needing an ROAC-registered chartered auditor.

In an increasingly globalised world, accurate, immediate response is essential. AOB Auditor has a professional team that currently comprises more than 10 auditors, all ready to focus on the varied problems that may arise in the audit process. To do this, our audit firm has an extensive network of experts specialising in audits, tax consultancy, business and accounting. Each auditor specialises in a specific area. Whatever the nature of the company, we have the right ROAC-registered auditor for the job.

Our AOB Auditor website is another of our usual communication channels and work to make sure that we assigne the most suitable auditor for each area. These new methods of communication serve to strengthen our increasingly close relationship with our clients, meaning that they can count on audit services from an offically ROAC-registered auditor with proven audit experience any time, any place

We work on the basis that it is essential to have transparent, concise financial information for taking the right business decisions, and that to have this you must have an auditor.

Rather than looking on our work as mere compliance with a legal obligation, we want our clients to see how useful and beneficial an audit can be to their business activities, because based on our reports and guidance they have accurate information about the company's real financial situation, based on which they can take the right decisions and avoid risks. An auditor is necessary and auditor's report on the financial statements is extremely useful.

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  • Auditors ROAC
  • Mandatory Audit
  • Voluntary Audit.
  • Audit Services.

In AOB auditors audit reports we produce annual financial statements for medium-sized companies, are registered in the ROAC auditors in the ICAC, national auditors...


  • Voluntary audits foundations.
  • Mandatory audits foundations.
  • Audits mandatory associations.
  • Audit cooperatives.

After meeting the requirements, some foundations this must-audited, auditors AOB has a department with five auditors specialized in audits ROAC ...


  • Audit Report for justification of subsidies CDTI.
  • Audit Report for FEDER justification - 7th Framework Programme.
  • Audit report first level controller.

Our auditors have over 10 years experience in the realization of audit reports justification of subsidies and/or aid granted by public agencies ...


  • Audit Report for reservations capital.
  • Audit Report compensation capital credits.
  • Audit report for capital reduction.

We report enlargement or reduction of capital under current law corporations. As auditors we have a team that specializes in these reports ...


  • Expert reports profits calculation.
  • Economic expert reports to justify dismissal.
  • Expert reports for calculating compensation.

We have a team of expert economists in making economic expert reports for financial investigation procedures ...

AOB Auditors are members of:


As independent auditors, registered in the ROAC, we specialize in audits of small and medium enterprises of various sectors. We are a national firm with auditors throughout Spain with a significant presence in Madrid and Barcelona.


AOB Auditores is a firm with a team composed of specialized auditors, with over 6 years of experience that allows us to perform the auditor selection process more consistent and more experienced in the work being done.

International vision:

Aware of the importance of international expansion, AOB Auditors has an international department in collaboration with International ETL, with over 700 offices at European level to meet the needs of our customers.

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